Emergency and Evacuation Plan

Emergencies can and do happen. My Emergency Plan ensures that I know exactly what to do if an emergency arises. The plan considers different incidents that could affect the day to day running of my business. This includes incidents that may, at most, require a limited closure of my business and include limited disruption without involving risk to the wellbeing of individuals. Some support from the emergency services or Local Authority may be necessary.

Some examples of emergency situations are:

  • A child being taken ill

  • A child sustaining an injury which needs hospitalisation

  • Severe weather problems such as parents being stuck in snow

  • Not being able to open due to severe weather

  • Services – power, gas, water cut off

  • Failed heating system

  • Flooding or other weather damage

  • Fallen trees

  • Minor earthquake tremor

  • Water leak

  • Notifiable infectious outbreak

  • ICT failure or disruption including telephone or internet

  • Intrusion onto to the premises by bogus or malicious people

  • The release of hazardous substances near or on the site

Other events that I need to consider because of the impact they have on me and the children and families I care for are:

  • An incident in the community which is seen or experienced by the children and families you care for or any staff members

  • An incident involving allegations within the setting

  • An incident affecting a nearby setting or school

  • An act of terrorism in the local area

  • A major road traffic incident involving people from the local community.

As a childminder I have in place an emergency plan. This plan identifies the tasks I may need to do in an emergency. For example, the Emergency Plan includes details about where key utility points are, so I can turn off the water at the mains, evacuate the building, and turn off the electricity. It also identifies how I would evacuate the premises and where I would take the children to be safe until they were collected. Any assistants working with me or other adults on the premises fully understand the emergency procedure and evacuation plan.

Smiles 4 Stars Childcare Services

The aim of this emergency plan is to describe how I will respond to an emergency to save lives and minimise the risk of injury.

Objectives of the plan are:

  • To identify key personnel and critical contact details.

  • To identify possible hazards and identify strategies for managing the response.

I will activate this plan when:

Flood, fire, sudden illness

Number of assistants and/or other adults in the house:


When were the emergency contact details last updated for all children?

Every term and parents asked to notify us of any changes.

Useful contact numbers:

Local police : 01159420999 Radford Road

Fire station: 01159421555 Stockhill Lane

Local GP: 01159781231 Churchfields Medical Centre

Emergency: 999/112

@Home agency: 0115 9783399

@Home SAM: Kay-Louise Ley 07534561974

Location of utilities


Downstairs Toilet




Downstairs Toilet


Front Room

Pre-Planned arrangements

Evacuation routes

Back Door and Front Door

Assembly points

Main gate to the property or garden

Loss of water

No services provided

Loss of gas

No services provided

Loss of electricity

No services provided

Loss of phone

Contact via email smiles4stars@gmail.com/ 0115 998 3137


Panic button on the phone that sends a message directly to the police and the agency with location and urgent message tag.

Serious illness or accident of child

112 or 999 followed by a call to the registered carer of the child

Serious illness or accident of you

112 or 999 or panic button followed by calls to parents.

Notifiable disease/epidemic/pandemic

No services provided and parents immediately notified.

Bomb or other serious threat

Immediate evacuation and panic button activated. Parents notified.


No services provided or immediate evacuation of the premises. Parents notified.


No services provided in adverse weather conditions. Parents notified.